Car rental

You do not own cars, for any reason whats ever. But now and then you are ready to get behind the steering wheel to move. Because you are in need of comfort, reliability and quality. Because Autorent Texel stands for driving certain quality. And welcome extras that enhance your driving pleasure! To rent a car Rent Texel apply the Standard Provisions of the BOVAG, car rental & leasing department.

Legitimation: Before departure you must be able to identify using a valid driver's license. You also need to pay a deposit of at least € 200, - Our rates include taxes and insurance (see abroad), if redeemable (not individuals or transit van). From one week rental you even free driving 1400 kilometers. Our rates do not include fuel.

Merk en type Prijs p/d. Vrije KM's p/d Meer KM's Prijs per weekend week Prijs per dag
Opel Corsa-e (electrische)
€ 66,- 200 € 0,20 € 122,- € 52,-
Opel Agila € 43,- 200 € 0,20 € 78,- € 38,-
Opel Corsa € 52,- 200 € 0,20 € 92,- € 46,-
Opel Astra € 61,- 200 € 0,20 € 108,- € 52,-
Opel Astra Stationwagen € 64,- 200 € 0,20 € 112,- € 55,-
9-pers. bus € 79,- 200 € 0,25 € 142,- € 66,-
Bestel-, verhuisbus € 79,- 200 € 0,25 € 142,- € 66,-
Moving van
€ 115,- 200 € 0.25 € 195.- € 95.-

Rates are in Euros. All amounts including VAT (excl. short lease). Prices are tax deductible reduction. All cars are WA / CASCO insured. Deductible in the event of damage from € 750, -. Rates are including passenger insurance but excluding fuel. For rentals are BOVAG Standard Provisions, car rental & leasing department.

Insurance. Autorent Our rental cars are insured. There is an excess of € 750. - Per claim. this excess is redeemable at € 350. - you pay an amount of € 5. - per day, some cars excluded
If you have less than a year your license or not the age of 23 has been reached, you have a deductible of € 750, - per non recoverable loss. The excess is not redeemable. except for the order and 9-seater bus

Own risk applies in case of damage. Above-head damage is always payable by the tenant regardless of the risk. We define overhead damage as damage above the window line.

The cars are provided with a parking vignette.

Reservations can be free with Autorent Texel be made​​. Cancellations are free of charge.

When you use the car to go abroad, you need to notify us in advance. You will receive in addition to the original registration certificate, the green card in case of emergencies abroad. You are also obliged ANWB insurance for € 15, - closing we recommend a good travel insurance so that nothing can spoil your holiday.Pre-pay a deposit to the value of the excess of € 200, -.

The rental day is from 08.30 hours to 08.30 hours the following day, when the car comes back later then a full rental day at. If possible, you have the car the night before collection at no additional cost. For collection and delivery we charge € 10, - (from). You can park your car outside the opening hours back. the driver remains at all times responsible for the car until the intake is done by the landlord. Fines are paid for by the person which the contract has been signed.

Price excludes fuel, the car is delivered with a full tank and must be brought back full return if not full, we calculate for cars € 60. - And € 100. - When moving and vans.